• PoP Contact Map™Free!

    Contact Map is a map service that enables your citizens / customers to contact you regarding specific places. Using a map one can easily point out an exact location, write a message and send to you. Create an account and get your free Contact Map today!

  • PoP Opinions™New!

    Opinions is the next generation of citizens democracy. People share their opinions and vote on others' opinions. Everything is related to places on a map, opening a new dimension of participation for your community!


Free map services

Point of Position develop unique map services for communities, newspapers, infrastructure companies etc, who want to give their users the ability to communicate using the latest technology.

We offer these services free of charge!

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Easy integration

All maps are designed for easy deployment on any website. The maps can easily be adapted to fit your specific requirements and design, for seamless integration with your other content. In the end, the maps will not look like and external service!

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Mobile versions

Phones today are advanced devices with wireless internet, and users expect to access your services from anywhere. Our map services are built with this in mind, and will automatically adapt itself for smartphones. We also take advantage of new and exciting technology, such as GPS positioning!

Example: Map on an iPhone